Letter: Public turn-out could make a big difference

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I attended the December Whitby Town Council to speak about Whitby’s issues.

We all know as residents and council taxpayers the problems in Whitby that are neglected by Scarborough Borough Council, the piers and the harbour, to name a few issues.

I stood and spoke about the issues and suggested that the Whitby Town Council should have a vote of confidence in regard to Scarborough Borough Council.

But I felt ignored by the councillors, I got no response whatsoever.

I actually felt embarrassed after speaking and felt I was treated with contempt.

I was told later by someone the lack of a response was due to protocols and procedures of the council.

No wonder no-one attends the meetings; the town council was more concerned about Whitby in Bloom and the Christmas market.

Don’t they care about the major issues in our town which effect the indigenous population?

I feel they are more concerned about tourist-related matters.

I hope residents in Whitby realise that they pay more council tax in Whitby due to the Whitby Town Council precept.

I try to encourage people to attend the town council meetings but no-one is interested when I speak to them.

I am not surprised after what I saw on Tuesday.

Ian Dixon

Fishburn Road, Whitby