Letter: Paying more in Whitby for limited services

I despair! Living in Whitby why we are ripped off so much in many aspects of our lives financially, compared to other towns and cities.

Friday, 26th January 2018, 7:00 am

If locals looked at council tax costs in parts of London they would see that we are paying more than parts of our capital.

Yet in Whitby we have poor transport links and less opportunities to progress in life with poorer education openings.

Of course a chunk of our council tax goes to Scarborough Borough Council, the council which seems determined to squander money in defiance to what residents want.

The demolition of the Futurist is a disgrace and goes against public opinion.

We seem to have to subsidise in Whitby the tourist industry, an industry where a few are making a fortune at a cost to the many.

It is quite shocking to see the huge price difference in our national chain pub.

An example is Whitby £3.69 for Guinness, Redcar £2.19, and even York has cheaper prices than Whitby in this pub.

Many pubs in Whitby don’t want cheap competition, so we have to pay more.

I was told blame Scarborough Borough Council business rates, but wait, prices are cheaper in Scarborough, the same borough!

A friend of mine said we should shop local, but why should we subsidise local cartels.

Another example of rip-off Whitby is our limited digital television service, a handful of channels compared to most other locations.

We have an inferior transmitter but still pay the full licence fee, excuse, licence is for use of our domestic equipment.

Let’s hope more competition comes to town too, good news that Aldi is coming, let’s have more and lower prices.

Ian Dixon

Fishburn Road