Letter: Parking zone price increase for Whitby residents

people queueing for the park and ride
people queueing for the park and ride

So there we have it, after just four years since the introduction of the controlled parking zone in Whitby, the prices for residents and tradesmen will increase due to the scheme not being profitable.

Just to remind anyone not aware the scratch cards for visitors were increased last year from 50p to £1.60 - a 200% increase.

Again, just to remind everyone, in year one the park and ride scheme made a profit of £80k.

I would point out (again) that only residents of the zone are paying to subsidise the park and ride scheme, which, as it is now November is closed until Easter due to lack of demand for car parking spaces, so at least on the West Cliff you can park your vehicle near where you live (if you buy a permit).

However, in summer there just is not enough space on the West Cliff.

And you can no longer park on the front as an overspill as there are meters.

I know people who do not move their car on Friday and Saturday as they fear having nowhere to park on their return.

When you raise these issues with the council, its officers and councillors, they listen, call for a consultation, send out a questionnaire, ask people what to do, then sit on it for three years.

An officer writes a 40-page report highlighting why they don’t want to change it and then do nothing.

Is there any wonder no-one is interested in local politics and we end up being represented by people who are more bothered about their position on the council than the people who voted them into place.

Was it Churchill who said the electorate get the government they deserve?

Peter Croft

Sandpiper House, Whitby