Letter: Parish troubled by Raithwaite support

An artist's impression of the development at Raithwaite.
An artist's impression of the development at Raithwaite.

Re the proposed Raithwaite development:

In 2011/12 the then owners of Raithwaite submitted a planning application for development of the estate.

Given my knowledge of that application and the current one, I feel this new application is grander in ambition, scale and size.

In 2012 planning permission was granted but for a smaller development.

This work was not completed, although at the time I recall similar statements were made regarding the positive impact on Whitby.

It seems we are again being encouraged to consider only positive outcomes, in terms of economic benefit and in making Whitby a great tourist destination.

However, I feel many issues are yet to be fully explored or debated, such as:

What is the short and long term environmental impact? This might include for example, loss of habitat/woodland or increased noise.

This development has the potential to be larger than the two parish villages.

What effect might this have on residents/visitors tranquillity and amenity, including those in neighbouring parishes and Whitby?

What effect will this have on existing businesses, especially those in the accommodation/hospitality sector?

What happens if the surrounding narrow village roads are used as shortcuts to the site?

The potential impact on those who have chosen to live, work, visit or run businesses should be given an opportunity for a fair hearing.

The parish council will provide this opportunity and when complete will submit our comments to Scarborough Borough Council.

I find it troubling that Welcome to Yorkshire and the Gazette have expressed support for this development before the planning consultation process has been completed.

I would encourage anyone who wishes to express their views to do so through the Scarborough Borough Council planning website - application reference 16/02555/FL or email the parish council at newholmcumdunsleypc@gmail.com with details.

Cllr Martin Milburn

Newholm-cum-Dunsley Parish Council