Letter: Mud-slinging, not democracy!

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Re: the vote of No confidence in Scarborough Borough Council, on June 26.

It reflects the views and frustrations of many constituents across the borough and the results of a similar motion passed by Whitby and Filey town councils.

But the meeting was a disgrace, bordering on a farce.

What should have been a serious debate focusing on the implications of the motion, descended into time wasting irrelevance from some cabinet members and needless “mud-slinging” at the councillor who proposed the motion.

Councillors were denied the opportunity to put forward the views of their constituents as the meeting was abruptly adjourned to clear the public gallery.

This seemed a particularly heavy-handed gesture.

Conveniently, this operation took so long (as the public were reluctant to be removed!) that the chairman proposed to move straight to a vote.

So, there was NO debate.


Perhaps, when reviewing this and looking at it from the perspective of a constituent, councillors in the cabinet may understand why this motion was proposed in the first place.

Councillors, you did yourselves no favours.

Heather Relf

Esk Terrace, Whitby