Letter: Ladies invited to Men's shed in Littlebeck

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Email your letters to us at editorial@whitbygazette.co.uk

SAMS Men’s Shed hosted at Littlebeck has been a great success in terms of the “men at a loss” who have created their own camaraderie of mutual help and encouragement and produced, somehow, some useful outputs.

They have also done their bit for the tourism industry in Whitby by welcoming in numerous visitors and Coast2Coast walkers for a cuppa and/or toilet stop.

We have only been 95 per cent pure in SAMS regarding it being men only.

We welcome ladies visiting and we have Maggy, an honorary lady 'shedder' attending from Germany, until after the New Year.

Her comments and those of some of the visitors have led us to wonder about a weekly Ladies’ Shed being formed in Littlebeck.

The best way to test the idea is to invite interested ladies to attend a taster session, 9.30am–12.15pm (or whenever is convenient to each individual) on Friday October 21. It will be in SAMS Place behind Littlebeck Chapel.

Do wear warm, older clothes.

If you want to know more, contact Maggy on 01947 810776 or sidekick Graham at graham_storer@btinternet.com for further details.

Maggy Meier and Graham Storer

Iburndale Lane