Letter: Lack of sense over Whitby pier delays

Ocean Spray in front of Whitby piers
Ocean Spray in front of Whitby piers

I would like to voice my utter dismay and disappointment in the borough council.

It is riddled, yet after complaints and exposure they seem to get away with it.

The inactivity over the Futurist Theatre is a travesty. It uncovers their ineptitude and lack of entrepreneurial thinking.

Huntriss Row is an embarrassment. It indicates that the council would rather have empty shops and overcharge on business rates.

The closed cafe on Marine Drive - which has been closed for three years even after several proposals being put forward - is an eyesore.

It’s time for a shake-up of a lazy, useless council.

They should spend money on Whitby’s sea defences, where there is a risk of the flooding of Whitby Harbour...another example of a lack of sense endemic at the council.

Tony Fawcett,

Business Support Services,

Howard Street, Scarborough