Let’s give our town some festive cheer

Well it’s that time of year again – Goth Weekend is but three weeks away which only means one thing – it’s time to pop those Christmas lights up.

I say Christmas lights, nothing says festive warmth like a series of blue glowing trees strapped to a streetlight, or a Christmas tree as crooked as a local park and ride dumped on Dock End.

I think it’s about time Whitby came alive at Christmas instead of its usual half-hearted attempts, do we even have a lights switch on?

I am pretty sure last year they just fizzed on one night, I think it might have been regatta.

And then there is the bear, the one I would like to see Gothed up for Goth Weekend – does anyone actually know its relevance to the town?

Get them both blinged up for Christmas I say, as well as the rest of the town, our sad looking dated Christmas lights need a bit of oomph this year, a bit of Christmas jazz.

I’m 100% sure this article is 10 years too late to make a difference to the town lights this year, and maybe I should have made my thoughts better known in person before a committee, in March, in Scarborough if I want to make a difference. But it doesn’t have to be the council lights that make an impact, what about our own Christmas Lights competition?

Everyone knows one of those houses that goes totally mental through December and have lights everywhere, well let’s all do that, let’s go light mad this year – until you can see us from space.

Shop windows should be blinding but fun, get your house decked up like a grotto and put antlers on all of your animals and older relatives, then I will come round and award my Colin’s Columns of Excellence to the winners!

That would be so much more fun than those two blinking lightbulbs on Pier Road and that obligatory sad drunk girl dressed as sexy Santa on her Christmas works do. Christmas should be fun, it should also start after Goth Weekend, but when it does lets make it a bright one!