Lauren on Oympic stage

A BUDDING actress from Robin Hood’s Bay has been picked out of thousands of other hopefuls to take part in the opening ceremony of the Olympics being held in London later this year.

Lauren Scott-Berry, who is back in the capital where she lives after spending an Easter break back in bay with her family, took part in her first rehearsal earlier this month.

She saw off thousands of other hopefuls during a rigorous audition process which consisted off learning routines and freestyling.

She said: “There will have been tens of thousands of people auditioning so I was happy to get a place.

“They are looking for a lot of people to do it but I have a lot of dance experience so I would have been disappointed if I had not been involved.

“I am really excited and it is going to be something to tell the grandkids.”

Lauren attended East Whitby, Eskdale and Whitby Community College and started performing at the age of 3 with the Benson Stage Academy.