Last chance to have your say on Whitby dog beach ban

Time is running out for people in Whitby to have their say over a dog ban on the resort's beach.

Wednesday, 10th October 2018, 3:11 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th October 2018, 3:18 pm

Scarborough Borough Council extended its dog public space protection order (PSPO) earlier this year, stopping where and when pooches can be taken onto beaches at Scarborough and Whitby.

The plan went out to the public with more than 85% of people agreeing with the council’s plans.

However, after it came into force dog walkers in Whitby noticed an issue.

The ban had always come into effect at a slipway where the town’s beach chalets ended. In the consultation, the dog ban zone was referred to as ending at “the end of the beach chalets”.

Opponents of the ban said that since the previous ban more chalets had been built, meaning the no-go zone had been extended leaving dog owners with a steep set of steps to negotiate and no access for anyone with restricted mobility. The steps were also covered by the incoming tide making them slippery.

After the issue was raised the council re-opened the consultation on the dog ban to allow people to comment with the full range of information available.

The consultation closes on Sunday (14th) after which the council will examine whether to make any changes to the order.

However, any changes are unlikely to come into effect until January.

When the changes were implemented one of Whitby’s borough councillors, Rob Barnett (Lab), called the restriction “ill thought out and unwarranted” and said it “puts public safety at risk”.

In response, Cllr Bill Chatt (ind), the borough council’s cabinet member for public health and housing, said that some issues had also been raised in Scarborough but claimed that the first PSOP was properly consulted on.

He said: “It was consulted on the first time and the measures were brought in due to concerns raised from members of the public. However, some people say the didn’t see it so it will be looked at again.

Visit to take part in the consultation.

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