Landslips at Pavilion lead to demolition plan for wall

TWO stretches of wall at Whitby Pavilion are to be demolished and rebuilt after landslips at the venue.

The work will result in the loss of two car parking spaces, Scarborough Borough Council has confirmed.

In a report to go before the Technical Services, Environment, Projects Management and Coastal and Flood Defence Portfolio holder Coun Andrew Backhouse today it says the work will cost 25,000 to undertake.

In the report it says concerns over cracking in the brick walls were raised with the council which undertook an investigation into the issue, near the slope leading to the beach.

It says: “This site has a history of slope instability and in two locations the slips have now undermined the walls shallow strip foundation, resulting in rotation andcracking of the wall.

“Stability issues are exacerbated to a degree by the loading from the parked cars using the spaces.

“This could, if allowed to deteriorate lead to further slope failure and a localised collapse of the boundary wall. The areas have been made safe by way of installing temporary barriers.”

Part of the wall requires taking down and re-building in its entirety over the 20 metre length allowing for locally setting the wall back over a 10 metre length at the location of a landslip. This will lead to the loss of one parking bay and the alteration of a further two parking bay positions resulting in them being placed parallel, as opposed to perpendicular to the wall.

Due to this work the double yellow lines will need to be extended meaning the loss of another parking place.

If the scheme is approved then it is hoped the work will be completed before September.