La Creole II skipper praises the work of Whitby shipbuilders

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Sometimes in life things can work so well, that it’s hard to improve them.

Nick Bright, of Brown and Bright Shellfish, feels that way about his new boat La Creole II, recently completed by Parkol.

A crab and lobster fishing boat, which is an almost identical build to his first one that Parkol built 10 years earlier.

Now he is the proud owner of 14.95m vivier crabber which can keep up to 15 tonnes of shellfish alive.

Nick is based in Brixham and fishes mainly from Holland, Denmark, Lowestoft and Scotland.

“The boat is very rarely at home,” explained Nick.

“It’s either in Dutch or Danish waters, where there’s good quality crab to be had, or fishing off the North of Scotland.

The brown crab that he catches is sold to Holland, Spain or Scotland. Once the crab season is over they concentrate on whelks in the winter months.

“There’s a very good market for whelks in South Korea where they are a popular bar snack. De-shelled from frozen they are cooked or pickled in soy sauce.”

McDuff Shellfish in Scotland buys and distributes Nick’s catch for him.

“We’ve developed a long term relationship with them which is good for us and them,” said Nick.

“They look after their suppliers. Shellfish is a very sought after and Mc Duff supports a lot of boats.

“They help young skippers to buy their boats, or develop your business.”

What has been a constant is the great performance of Ebonnie.

“I’ve kept the ship the same as we’ve had such good service from the boat that Parkol built us,” he said.

“We know exactly what we’re getting. The improvements have mostly been technological, crew comfort, improved ventilation, and overall attention has been paid to every aspect.

“The electronics have had an upgrade, but the engineering is much the same.”

Nick also owns a marine engineering firm and has diversified into wind farm crew transfer. This has seen him work for some of the largest wind farms in the world.

“We have quite a connection with Whitby,” said Nick.

La Creole will no doubt cement this connection and see Bright and Brown Shellfish flourish even further.