Kids' natural inspiration

The Whitby Naturalists Club joined the Captain Cook Memorial Museum to offer a fantastic day of scientific fun last week during a '˜Nature Up Close' workshop.

Wednesday, 6th June 2018, 7:29 pm
Two excellent paintings.

Members of the ‘Whitby Nats’ brought microscopes, plants, fungi and seaweed for visiting kids to explore.

Dave Minter, Marian Brockway and Jane Pottas shared their expert knowledge with kids and adults on what was a very busy day.

Checking out seaweed with a microscope.

The kids had a great time looking at ‘nature up close’, making careful watercolour studies of plants and really enjoyed their visit.

A spokesman said: “The museum would like to thank the Whitby Nats for providing such an excellent activity where children could learn more about how the natural world was studied on Cook’s voyages.”

Anyone interested in joining the vibrant Whitby Naturalists Club can find out more by visiting the website.

Creating art inspired by nature.
Taking a peek at the Whitby Nats event.
All smiles at the museum.