Kids in charge have positive effect on battery recycling

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In just over a year Castleton School has collected 13,000 batteries which have been recycled - the most for all schools in the area.

It was part of the BatteryBack scheme - a national project where pupils can bring old batteries to school and get points in return which are then converted to prizes for the best performing schools.

The batteries are broken down and reused in various industries such as car manufacturing, building, paint, roofing and the nickel in them is even used to make money.

Anthony Farrimond, from BatteryBack, presented the school with a certificate last week in recognition of its efforts.

He said: “We throw away 24 batteries each per year which does not sound a lot but in terms of how much they have collected it is an amazing achievement.

“We have worked with Scarborough for some time now but want to offer the same great service we pride ourselves on to all local authorities and schools in the country.”

Harry Briggs from Scarborough Borough Council said: “We are very pleased to be able to launch this new scheme and continue our successful relationship with BatteryBack.

“We have battery recycling facilities in all our schools and look forward to distributing the new take-home boxes to help divert batteries from landfill.

“Our work with BatteryBack has gone from strength to strength and we now have over 70 collection points for batteries throughout the Borough, allowing us to collect thousands of household batteries each year.”