Kids find dead dogs dumped

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Police have quashed rumours that dogs are being mutilated in Whitby after children found the carcasses of two pets dumped in bin bags while playing.

The grim discovery was made this week at Calla Beck near Spital Bridge and there were reports body parts were missing from the bodies of the dogs.

It sparked fears that dogs were being deliberately harmed and local children have been left shaken and upset by the find.

One resident said on Facebook the incident was “so shocking and sad” and another added “How could anybody do such a thing?”

The incident was reported to local police teams by a number of people once word about the discovery spread and a request was put to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) to remove the bodies of the dogs to avoid causing any more distress.

Tests revealed that the dogs were not micro-chipped so there is little chance of finding out who the owners were.

A police spokesperson told the Whitby Gazette: “It looks like they have been dumped. We have scanned them both for microchips but neither had them.

“It looks like someone’s dog has died and they have got rid of it in a bag.

“It does not look like there was anything untoward.

“They have not been mutilated, but look like they have because they have started to decompose due to the level of time they have been there - which is a good long while.”

Meanwhile, the RSPCA branch which covers Whitby says it has reached crisis point with the numbers of unwanted and abandoned dogs and pets it is having to take on in on-going tough financial times.

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