Kayaker capsizes in rough seas

A KAYAKER who was thought to have been struggling in waters at Runswick Bay was rescued by the local lifeboat.

Runswick Bay Rescue Boat (RBRB) was contacted at 5.45pm on Friday by the Humber coastguard.

A member of the public had spotted the kayaker and had gone to Runswick’s Sandside Cafe, who informed the Coastguard.

A crew was immediately raised and the boat launched at 5.50pm. It spotted an upturned orange fishing kayak in severe surf near Claymore Beck, with one man clinging to it.

The casualty was immediately retrieved to the shore where he was found to be exhausted yet unharmed.

The kayaker was visiting from the Bradford area and had not been in the water long before losing control.

Later reports from members of the public estimate he was in the water for almost thirty minutes. Although the surf was so severe, his kayak was difficult to spot so it was lucky the eagle eyed member of the public that spotted him knew to call for help straight away.

The RBRB crew then retrieved the kayak to the beach but because of the severe surf the crew used a tractor to take the boat, the kayak and the kayaker back to the boathouse.

They were met by a coastguard team from Staithes who took the gentleman’s details.

The Rescue Boat was then re-fueled and readied for service at 19:05.