Karate club raises cash for charity

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The final part of an Alzheimers awareness charity event took place at the Danby dojo of the Ichi-taikan Shotokan Karate Club.

The students had a fun evening of dodge ball, Simon says, skittles, relay races and a timed assault course, which saw the Danby club beat the Whitby club by 20 seconds.

Sensei Chris Watmough spoke to the students about the debilitating affects of Alzheimer’s disease on sufferers and their families.

Sensei used two karate kata to emphasis this point, first kion kata was performed by Shimon, the club’s youngest student and Megan, the oldest junior.

This kata represented the beginning when your mind is strong and vibrant.

The second kata used was Wankan, this is one of the last katas in the shotokan syllabus and is also the shortest.

This kata is said to be unfinished and part of it has been lost over time, so this kata represented the Alzheimer’s sufferer when your life is unfinished and you are never able to find the words or memories again.

Sensei Chris and Sensei Sally Ann performed this kata and held their heads bowed for a little time, to emphasise that one day we may find the the ending to the kata but we may find a end to Alzheimer’s disease.

The club is delighted to have raised £450 over the two charity events with more sponsorship money due to come in.

Sensei Chris said: “I speak for all the Senseis at the club that it has been such a humbling, rewarding experience to see such wonderful children giving their all for such a worthy cause.

“A massive thank you to all who donated, to Sensei Ian for all his hard work and our ever-present stalwart Jo Dodds for her superb video skills.

“Finally to all the children and students of Danby and Whitby – you have made a difference.”