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The Whitby Gazette in Bagan
The Whitby Gazette in Bagan
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IT IS well known that the Whitby Gazette is read far and wide but one fan of the paper took hers to read while on a trip to Burma.

Jane Ralston spent two weeks in Myanmar at the beginning of the year – starting her trip of a lifetime on New Year’s Day.

She explored Yangon (formerly Rangoon) and then flew to Mandalay for three nights and from there took a boat on the Ayeyarwady River (or Irrawaddy) to Bagan (formerly Pagan) where she was pictured with The Whitby Gazette.

This is where over 3,000 Buddhist temples were built between the 11th and 13th centuries and many of them are still standing.

She then visited villages in Inle Lake where all the houses are built on stilts and fishermen paddle their boats with one leg leaving the hands free for fishing.

Jane, who lives in Sheffield and visits Whitby about six times a year, ended the trip with two days on a palm fringed beach on the Bay of Bengal but says Whitby is still her favourite place.

She said: “I visit Whitby at least six times a year, and have a bench in memory of my husband, Scott Ralston, on the West Cliff, near the end of Caedmon Avenue.

“I travel all over the world regularly and Whitby is still my favourite place.”