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A PAIR of modern day explorers undertook the drive of a lifetime last month, and took the Whitby Gazette all the way with them.

While visiting family in the most remote city on the planet – Perth in Western Australia – Whitby couple Douglas Milne and Vicky Jones decided to rent a motorhome and go on an epic journey across the outback.

Douglas said: “We were just going to go from Perth to Melbourne, but then we got to Port Augusta and thought, ‘well, Ayers Rock is just up the road so let’s go see it’, although it turned out to be a 3,000 mile detour.”

The couple also visited Dubai, Adelaide, Sydney and Bangkok, and have plans to drive around the north of Australia in the near future.

On their journey the couple narrowly missed out on joining 800 other camper vans at a Kalgoorlie rally and met up with some solar cars taking part in a race from Darwin to Adelaide.

Elsewhere on their trip they saw local wildlife, pink lakes, the “Tantanoola Tiger”, extinct volcanoes, gold mining towns and the Sydney Opera House.

But after a journey of around 9,000km by road, in addition to the 30,000km undertaken to fly to Australia and back, the couple were glad to return to Whitby.

Vicky said: “We’d had enough, Whitby seemed more appealing than ever.

“Britain and Whitby still has a lot going for it, and in all our travels we haven’t seen anywhere that can compare with it.”