Jet Set Gazette


Going anywhere? Take your paper, win a prize

Whitby is famous all over the world and we want your help to prove it.

We want you to send in holiday snaps of you reading the Whitby Gazette while on your travels and in return we’ll print the best ones in the paper.

Or, if you run into someone famous, why not get your picture with them, armed with your Whitby Gazette?

And the best pictures will win a fantastic prize – a Sheaffer Prelude pen worth more than £30.

Local singer and entertainer Keith Swales has recently returned from a break in Lanzarote and becomes the first face in Jet Set Gazette.

He said: “Before we left I didn’t have chance to read the Whitby Gazette so I took it with me.”

Keith’s family snapped this photograph of him while he was soaking up some sun, and he says it’s amazing how, no matter where you are in the world, you will always find a friendly Whitby face.

He said: “On the first day we bumped into local man Kevin Sparks – you can’t go anywhere now without meeting someone you know.

“Last time we were there I got up on a stage in a local bar and played a few songs and when I went to the bar for a drink afterwards I met a couple from Whitby who said ‘we came all the way to Lanzarote and found Keith Swales playing in the corner’. It’s a small world.”

So, to see your holiday photos at famous destinations from around the world included in the Jet Set Gazette, email them to: