Jasmin survives on 60p a day

Jasmin Chew who is living off just 60p a day during Lent''w130908b
Jasmin Chew who is living off just 60p a day during Lent''w130908b
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A FYLINGTHORPE woman who has founded her own charity is attempting to live on just 60p to highlight poverty.

Jasmin Chew (22) was so shocked by the extreme hardship she witnessed after a five-week trip to Malawi in Africa two years ago, that she started her own charity called Bright Future Foundation in the hope it can build a generation who can help support and feed their families, without having to worry about where the money for food is coming from.

She is surviving on a diet of rice, veg, beans, bread and porridge and is eating just two meals a day.

The events management and tourism graduate said: “I’m doing the 60p a day challenge for lent to raise awareness of how some people in the world have to live and to also raise awareness of the difficulty of affording to pay for education when you’re only living on 60p a day.

“It takes a few days to work out what I can afford to buy with my weekly budget and the first couple of weeks were very difficult, but I’m now at the end of my third week and I’m in the swing of it and my body is used to the smaller portions of food.”

Jasmin is also planning other fund-raisers including doing a triathlon, The Great North Run as well as holding some cake sales.

Anyone who would like to help can email her at brightfoundation.jasmin@gmail.com or visit www.brightfoundation.co.uk