It’s too big! Town council objects to care home plans

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WHITBY Town Council has recommended that a planning application to convert the former magistrates court into a care home should be refused.

Councillors said they weren’t against the principle of having a care home on the site, but the proposed 47 bedroom facility is too large for that area.

Members of the public who live near the former court on Waterstead Lane turned up to the meeting and were represented by local resident Geoff Hodgson.

Mr Hodgson said: “On behalf of residents we feel that the actual site is probably a good one for such a use - we have some objections to the actual design of it.”

He said residents on Waterstead Lane and Waterstead Crescent fear as big a building as possible was being put on the site.

They also feel it will impact on properties on Waterstead Crescent because the building will be north facing and will be higher than nearby houses.

The plans, submitted by applicant David Wilson, show there are only eight car park spaces proposed - two of which are disabled bays.

There were also concerns over access to the site and that delivery and construction vehicles would use residential streets.

The impact it would have on traffic, in what is already a congested area, was another concern.

Mr Hodgson added: “There are a lot of kids playing in that street and it will make it more dangerous for them.

“The magistrates’ court car park is used by guest houses because they have not got adequate parking.

“Once that has gone all that will happen is people will park down Waterstead Crescent. There are going to be cars parked all over the place.”

Coun John Freeman said: “We ought to hand over the planning to Mr Hodgson - a lot of the points are totally valid.

“We are seeing things that people paid thousands of pounds a week are not seeing.

“It is the old problem ‘let’s see how much we can maximise on that chunk of land and get the money back’.

“My feeling is we ask them to go away and re-submit a plan. I am not happy with this

The town council had received a number of letters from residents objecting to the plans and voted unanimously that the application should be refused but the final decision will rest with Scarborough Borough Council,