It’s rocket science as Fyling Hall pupils head to Mars

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Year nine students at Fyling Hall School are embarking on a mission to Mars – metaphorically speaking of course!

We are covering all three aspects of science and what it would take to get there and to live in the, as yet un-explored by humans, Mars.

To help us get to Mars we have combined classes and teachers to blast us in the right direction.

It’s rocket science!

So far we have learnt about the rocket by making our own (in a fashion).

Our rockets consisted of a water bottle, water and a bicycle pump. Now we can get to Mars, but what about when we are there? Well, we know about sustaining life, rocks and creating an ecosystem.

The main topic we have covered is gravity and trying to explain how this mystery works which Mr Instone tackled using a table cloth and a selection of balls.

I can’t wait see what the next exciting mission will be.

Back to mission control.

Clementine Bentley

(Year 9)