It’s a dog’s life for caravan pair


A COUPLE who have been coming to Whitby for their holidays for 20 years have a heart-wrenching dilemma about whether to give up their beloved caravan or their blind puppy because of rules at the camp site.

Uschi and Mark Bradshaw spend around half the year in their caravan at Sandfield House Farm caravan park on Sandsend Road with their two small dogs Jigsaw, a two-year-old Chihuahua and Teddy, a five year-old Chihuahua.

Earlier this year, Jigsaw had three puppies and Mrs Bradshaw has found homes for two of them, but the third puppy, named Chubby, is blind and may also have other underlying health problems.

The couple would be happy to keep her, but the caravan site has a two dog per caravan rule.

Mrs Bradshaw said: “The other two are getting sold. Chubby was born first and had no signs of life. I was on my own, but managed to get her breathing.

“They open their eyes when they are three weeks old and she looked totally different. I took her to the vet and she confirmed she was blind.

“She is a lot more greedy and hungry than the rest and a lot bigger so we don’t know if there are any other underlying health problems.”

The couple, from Darlington, were aware of the two dog rule, but assumed the puppies would have been re-homed by the time the caravan season opens next month.

Mrs Bradshaw said: “We asked for a few more weeks and started looking for her a new home but the caravan park said no.

“My mother-in-law has a caravan and I said could we keep her there but they said as much as they like animals there is nothing they can do.

“They are right if there is a rule and if they make an exception, everyone else would want to do it,but she is blind and I thought people would understand.”

The Bradshaws have visited Sandfield for 20 years and have had their own caravan there for three years after spending years on the waiting list.

They come to Whitby for Goth weekends and spend seven months of the year in the caravan.

She added: “We have been coming so long we know more people in Whitby than we do in our home town. We don’t want to give her to someone who will pass the dog on after a few weeks so it is going to be quite a problem.

“We are either going to come in three weeks to pick up the caravan and sell it or come and pay the ground rent and come back when the puppy is rehomed.”

John Rhodes, from Sandfield House Farm, said: “I know this lady rang a few weeks ago and asked last year if she could have more dogs.

“I understand the predicament but unfortunately we just have to put a line there otherwise we will just be inundated by people saying how come she has been allowed but we have not.”