Is beach ban worth it or woof justice?

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Dogs are back on Whitby’s beaches following the end of the summer ban - but should they be allowed on all year round?

Some other authorities up and down the country have lifted the seasonal ban after public protests and concerns over the effect it was having on tourism.

Durham County Council, in conjunction with Seaham Town Council, carried out a public consultation on whether dog control orders should be implemented. It decided it would have been barking up the wrong tree because of an “irresponsible minority” but agreed to step up patrols on dog fouling.

In Falmouth one of the main beaches has been made dog friendly after visitors said they were being put off because they couldn’t bring their four-legged friends along with the family.

But in beautiful Burnham in Buckinghamshire the dog ban was upheld.

So, the Gazette took to a wet and wild Whitby beach this week to ask you whether you thought the borough council here should follow suit.

Karen Estall who lives on the Railway was walking one year old Border Collie, Millie.

She said: “I would prefer to be allowed on all year round. To be perfectly honest it is the people with kids that make more of a mess. “I understand why people don’t want the dogs around kids but Millie is so fixated on the ball she doesn’t bother with anything else. There is nowhere else in town with this much space.”

Brenda Cram was walking rescue dog Misty while on holiday from Leeds. She said she was more for children being on the beach than dogs but there would be no problem if everyone cleaned up after them.

Margaret and Haydon Wilson from Newark holiday in the town off-season so they can bring their two rescue dogs, Fergus and Amy, with them.

“It would help if there were more dog waste bins, we have to carry ours all the way off the beach.”

When we asked the question about whether Whitby’s beaches should be dog friendly all year round it prompted over a hundred different opinions via our Facebook page.

Shaun Howard said: “The beach is for playing and children. Not having panicking kids when a wet sandy dog runs over. Sorry dog lovers. I’m not against dogs. Just don’t think a beach is the place for them at peak times.”

Mike Hallett: “Yes we stopped coming to Whitbybecause of the dog ban on the beaches. How many hundreds/thousands of people take their money elsewhere too because of narrow minded dog fascists.”

Tracey Sanderson: “Compromise, before 9am and after 7pm the beach is more often than not deserted. I wouldn’t want to take my dogs on a crowded beach anyway.”