Inquest hears of man’s suicide

A WOMAN returned home from an afternoon dancing session to find her husband hanging from the stairs.

Barbara Hill thought her husband, George (64) hadn’t wanted to go on their regular outing because he had told her he thought he was coming down with a cold.

An inquest held on Tuesday heard that when she got home to Meadowfields in Whitby on the evening of 27 September this year she found the front door locked and assumed he had gone out, but when she got inside she saw his keys on the chair.

As she walked into the hallway she thought her husband was walking up the stairs but then she saw a blue rope around his neck.

Mrs Hill tried to lift her husband up but couldn’t and cut the rope with a kitchen knife.

Mr Hill fell down the stairs and banged his head on a table.

Mrs Hill phoned the emergency services who tried for 20 minutes to revive him but couldn’t and thought he might have been dead for a while.

A post mortem examination confirmed that Mr Hill had died from hanging.

Coroner Michael Oakley read a statement to the court from PC Fiona Hawes who is based at Whitby.

In her evidence she said Mrs Hill had told her George had been suffering depression and was taking medication while other people had noticed he seemed quiet.

The court also heard Mr Hill wouldn’t talk to his wife about his depression but had been attending counselling sessions for six months and receiving treatment from his doctor for anxiety and depression.

Mr Oakley recorded a verdict that Mr Hill had killed himself.