Independent and labour candidates winners of by-election

Election results at the Spa.Whitby winner.Picture Richard Ponter 131827k
Election results at the Spa.Whitby winner.Picture Richard Ponter 131827k

Voters in the district also went to the polls last week to decide which candidates they would like to represent them in Whitby’s Streonshalh and Esk Valley Wards on the borough council.

Following the counts for both wards last Friday at the Scarborough Spa Complex Mike Ward (Independent) from Dunsley was elected as borough councillor to represent the Esk Valley ward and Tina Davy (Labour Party) who lives in Scarborough, was elected as borough councillor for the Streonshalh ward.

Mike Ward

Mike Ward

Turn out for the Esk Valley was 30.66% while for Streonshalh it was even lower at 21.75%.

Tina, won the borough seat making her the first Labour candidate to do so since Ian Bryan in 1999.

Tina, who has served as a councillor in Leeds and has worked in tourism, Tina said: “Thanks to all those who voted for me.

“Last Thursday, I needed Streonshalh’s vote. Now that the people who live and work there have the representation they deserve, I’ll be able to fight for residents and their families.”
Tina has been an active member of the Labour Party since 1983 and previously served on Leeds City Council from 1999 until 2003, where she chaired a c community involvement team, was lead member for culture and tourism, and was a member of a planning panel. 
She added: “Electing another Labour councillor to the borough council will help the Labour Group to make a difference throughout the borough.”

Independent Mike Ward, who stepped down from a role on Whitby Town Council and was a previous borough councillor representing West Cliff ward two years ago, said: “Obviously, I’m very pleased with the number of votes I received.

“I would like to assure all of the people from that ward that I will do everything I can to work as hard as I can for them and make their voices heard, that’s all I can do.

“There are some people that thing independents don’t have any policies, my view is I can pick the best ideas for the residents.

“The Esk Valley is all in the national park and the borough council doesn’t have much influence, I want to see better communication between the council and the residents and I want to say I will fight for selflessness, honesty, openness and accountability in public life.”