In The Hotseat with Patrick Monahan

Patrick Monahan
Patrick Monahan

Irish/Iranian, Teesside comedian Patrick Monahan is a regular on our TV screens at the moment, as each Monday he battles to be named the next stand-up superstar on ITV1’s reality series ‘Show Me The Funny’.

Patrick knows how to work a room with a blend of ad lib banter and stand-up comedy and is a regular MC and warm-up act at top London and UK comedy clubs, and on TV shows including The Paul O’Grady Show.

His clean and accessible material has made him a favourite for hosting awards ceremonies and speaking at after-dinner parties.

Taking a break from his busy work schedule he sits back to enjoy his stint In The Hotseat, telling reporter Jessica Nightingale about his childhood school trips to Whitby and his love for Dracula.

1. What are your first memories of Whitby?

Going there on a school trip and staring at what we thought was Dracula’s grave before our teacher chased us all into the bus for eating ice cream when we were meant to observing and not eating.

2. What makes Whitby special to you?

It was always the posh seaside holiday resort – if you had saved up any money from work you could treat yourself to a weekend at Whitby (before you could fly to Europe for less than 17 pence).

3. Life’s highlight?

Meeting my mum and dad for the first time.

4. Biggest regret?

Being too young to remember meeting my mum and dad for the first time.

5. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

A mix of porridge, some chopped apples, blueberries and any other fruit left in the fridge which needed eating.

6. What is your favourite eating place?

My kitchen – sat on the sofa in my shorts eating a plate of hot rice and tuna surprise dish!

7. What is your favourite pub?

Any pub with a dart board, a pool table and a fire exit that works.

8. Where are the best fish and chips?

This question is too easy – Whitby of course, then Redcar a close second.

9. What is your worst habit?

Talking constantly without letting people stop for breath or a wee!

10. Where was your last holiday?

Holiday?? With an Irish/Iranian passport! I’m lucky if I make it out of Teesside without getting stopped at customs.

11. When was the last time you cried?

When I saw ET at the cinema (I cried because I wanted to see SAW).

12. What would be your ideal day in Whitby?

A bag of fish and chips, a toffee apple and a donkey.

13. What was your first job?

Working in a factory in Teesside packing Quorn sausages and burgers into boxes.

14. What is your favourite film?

Too many to mention.

15. What is your favourite book?

Books?? I grew up in Teesside – I’ve heard of them but never got close to one to read it!

16. If you won the Lottery, what would you do with it?

Use it to pay off the world debt – by spending it in poor countries – on funfair rides and chocolate – in third world countries like Blackpool.

17. Dracula or Captain Cook?

Both – I like Dracula cos he’s cool but a little bit dodgy and I like Captain Cook because he travels more than a comedian.

18. What is your signature dish?

Tuna surprise on hot rice.

19. Favourite drink?

Fresh orange juice and raspberry juice.

20. What would be your epitaph?

I don’t even know what epitaph means.