In The Hotseat with Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Whitby

The Bishop of Whitby
The Bishop of Whitby

DR Martin Warner was appointed the 10th Bishop of Whitby in January 2010.

In his early 50s he is thought to be one of the youngest Bishops in the country and prior to taking over at Whitby he was the Canon treasurer of St Paul’s Cathedral.

He is interested in architecture, medieval renaissance, contemporary art and cinema – all of which can be found in Whitby.

He also likes travel and has led pilgrimages to Europe and the Holy Land.

This week though he is In the Hotseat and Emma Spencer is asking the questions...

1 What are your first memories of Whitby?

Going there on holiday.

2 What makes Whitby special to you?

The history.

3 Life’s highlight?


4 Biggest regret?

Not having children.

5 What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Not had it yet!

6 What is your favourite eating place?

My back garden (when the sun shines).

7 What is your favourite pub?

The Board Inn.

8 Where are the best fish and chips?

Join the longest queue.

9 What is your worst habit?

Being late.

10 Where was your last holiday?

West Sussex.

11 When was the last time you cried?

Watching “Made in Dagenham”.

12 What would be your ideal day in Whitby?

Largely spent on the water.

13 What was your first job?

Delivering newspapers.

14 What is your favourite film?

Shakespeare in Love.

15 What is your favourite book?

(Apart from the Bible and Shakespeare) Emma, by Jane Austen.

16 If you won the Lottery, what would you do with it?

Spend it. Wisely, I hope.

17 Dracula or Captain Cook?

Neither: Caedmon.

18 What is your signature dish?

Chicken in pesto and spinach sauce.

19 Favourite drink?

Fine wine.

20 What would be your epitaph?

Credo (It’s the beginning of the ancient Christian creed that asserts “I believe in one God”).