In The Hotseat with David Lonsdale

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ACTOR David Lonsdale has appeared in one of the nation’s favourite soaps as well as a whole host of other well known films and shows.

He has trodden the boards in Sweeney Todd, The Winter’s Tale and Hamlet.

While on the small screen he has had parts in Coronation Street, The Bill and Inspector Morse among others.

His versatility doesn’t end there with stints in the Full Monty and on radio and in panto but he will be best known for his part in Heartbeat where he played popular character David Stockwell for 13 years.

He came to know Goathland, which was turned into the village of Aidensfield for the series very well and also spent many an hour in Whitby itself.

While he now lives in Merseyside with his family he still has a great affection for the area, often coming back for events such as the 60s weekend.

David has now turned his attention to staying at home and writing but he still found time to answer the In The Hotseat questions asked by Emma Spencer ...

1 What are your first memories of Whitby?

Gazing down on the town from the top road near Goathland.

I didn’t have a car in those days and hadn’t figured the buses out – it looked like the Promised Land.

2 What makes Whitby special to you?

Everything – it has atmosphere by the ton and there’s always something bubbling away under the surface.

I truly love Whitby and every corner has a memory for me.

I have very little recollection of the pubs though for some reason.

3 Life’s highlight?

Arriving at that taxi rank on the quayside after a night out and there being no queue and a free cab waiting for me.

4 Biggest regret?

I never remembered to book a taxi.

5 What did you have for breakfast this morning?

A chicken salad sandwich at about 11.30.

6 What is your favourite eating place?

I don’t think I ever had a bad meal at Greens and had the enormous pleasure of presenting them with their Best Restaurant award a couple of years ago – and of course Botham’s for their legendary posh breakfast.

7 What is your favourite pub?

The Birch Hall Inn in Beck Hole.

Due to its situation at the bottom of the steepest flipping slope in North Yorkshire it took me 10 minutes to walk there from my hotel.

But then it took about about an hour to walk back but it was worth every step.

8 Where are the best fish and chips?

My goodness – a lot of competition for this one.

I’ll go for Riverside Fisheries at the top of Church Street.

I was in a day dream once when I was there and walked out without paying for my fish supper – they were so polite as they dragged me back in.

9 What is your worst habit?

Walking out of chippies without paying.

10 Where was your last holiday?

This week – dodging rain showers in the Lake District.

11 When was the last time you cried?

This week again – watching a terrible, sloppy teen movie on the Disney Channel with my children – very embarrassing.

12 What would be your ideal day in Whitby?

Playing in the surf with my kids at Sandsend in the morning, a quick bag of chips on the pier and then watching the sun set with Izzie and Fiona at their beach hut with an incinerated burger and a pint of red wine.

Then maybe find some live music in town.

13 What was your first job?


Ten shillings a wedding!

I left the job after a few weeks out of embarrassment because I couldn’t read the Roman Numerals in the hymn book.

14 What is your favourite film?

Local Hero. Don’t know why but I just love it.

15 What is your favourite book?

Honestly – whatever I’m reading at the time.

16 If you won the Lottery, what would you do?

Buy a holiday cottage in North Yorkshire somewhere, visit my sis in America and then come home and open an arts centre and a youth centre – try and give back a little of what the Government is taking away.

17 Dracula or Captain Cook?

Captain Cook – I love a good adventure story.

18 What is your signature dish?

Cottage cheese and spinach lasagne – it’s much nicer than it sounds.

19 Favourite drink?

Lager in the summer – bitter in winter.

20 What would be your epitaph?

Here lies David Lonsdale – not always as stupid as he looked.