In the Hotseat - Heartbeat inspiration Peter Walker

Welcome to our brand new feature, In the Hotseat.

For many people, the name Peter Walker may not ring too many bells.

The name Nicholas Rhea will certainly resonate with many more people.

Whereas all Whitby Gazette readers know of Heartbeat and the huge role it has played in the area’s recent history, tradition and tourism for nearly 20 years.

And it is Peter, whose pen name is Nicholas Rhea, who helped bring Heartbeat to the masses all over the world thanks to his series of Constable books.

With around 130 books under his belt, the Constable series accounts for nearly 40 of these.

It all started back in 1979 when his first police story, Constable on the Hill, was serialised in the Sunday Express newspaper.

But it was 13 years later when the television cameras arrived in Goathland and Whitby where they remained a regular fixture in the area until less than two years ago.

Editor Jon Stokoe caught up with Peter - CLICK HERE to download the interview.