In-spire-d way of ‘doing church’

Some of the autumn clean-up crew.
Some of the autumn clean-up crew.

Hope Whitby is pushing into new areas of the town again! Not only is it showing a new way of ‘doing church’ – it is also moving in places that people like to just hang out in.

Hope Whitby doesn’t meet on a Sunday morning as they are trying to show a fresh way of sharing the ‘Good News’.

Grub's up for the Hope Youth Project at the Eastside Community Centre in Whitby.

Grub's up for the Hope Youth Project at the Eastside Community Centre in Whitby.

This happens in lots of individual Missional Communities – network of families – that all get together now and again to meet up in a bigger setting.

Hope Whitby’s once a month service – #Gathering – is moving from St John’s to Costa Coffee. This will take place on the first Friday of each month, starting next Friday (March 3) at 7.30pm, doors open at 7pm for drinks.

This is a great opportunity to break down some barriers around church and what it actually is. It’s not about the building but the people.”

Moving to Costa is an opportunity to hang out in the places that people feel comfortable in.

We are looking to engage with those who would not necessarily go to a Sunday morning service and there are plenty of those out there, if people seek to do so. For the first night, selected drinks will be on special offer of £1.

Also, Hope Whitby has moved its Missional Communities to young people (HYP – Hope Youth Project and HI:5) to the Eastside Community Centre on Mondays at 4pm.

Hope Youth Project is a safe and fun place for children to enjoy a family environment.

We start the evening by splitting into two groups – youth and children. We finish by eating a meal together.

I guess you could say this is a funky ‘Sunday school’, in the groups we learn about the Bible, being friends, family... and have lots of fun. We even look after the parents and make sure they are fed and watered too. Just come along.

Hope Whitby meets in different locations around the town and surrounding areas and in various places too.

The Hope Hub at Sanders Yard is a popular venue for music and life stories on the third Friday of the month.

They also meet in houses, various pubs and will keep seeking places that will accept the Christian message.

We will keep showing the love and grace that we have as a family and the adventure we are on is just breath-taking.

Instead of putting things on in one building and expecting people to come to us, we go out to the people and show them the church on the move.

Simple things like house to house carol singing and doing an autumn clean-up of people’s gardens, has been so simple but left a lasting effect on me and others about doing church differently.