If you want to spoil the view, use good wood

Harry Collett on Spion Kop by the new fence which spoils an iconic view of Whitby''w132513
Harry Collett on Spion Kop by the new fence which spoils an iconic view of Whitby''w132513

There is no better way to spend a free hour on a beautiful sunny Whitby day than having a wander around town, is there?

Lucy and I wandered along West Cliff the other day and down to the sea wall, where we were stunned at the view ... especially the way the afternoon sun glinted off those magnificent sea wall railings – what is the point?!

I know many people will argue that the fence is there to stop people falling off, most likely whilst dodging a pleasant heap of dog mess, but do people really fall off? If so why don’t we fence the East Pier, or the West Cliffs, or Endeavour Wharf ... or stilettos? Now they ARE dangerous.

I noticed a charming wooden fence has also appeared on another part of West Cliff near the benches opposite La Rosa Hotel. The view from the benches has really been complimented by these new planks; and at least I won’t have to dodge the many people rolling down the embankment when I’m driving up Khyber Pass anymore – that of course has never happened and the fence looks, well, shocking.

So are these health and safety fences a waste of our money? I certainly think so. Most afternoons, especially at weekends, the town is covered in litter, every bin is packed full, the streets are lovingly iced with a layer of dog muck, and most visitors are filled with road rage due to lack of parking – and all by midday.

Bearing all this common knowledge in mind, who thought it was a good idea to waste money putting up such an awful fence along the sea wall? It’s not even a stylish fence. It’s a bit of spare wood from someone’s garage by the looks of it. Not even oak.

It’s about time someone with a bit of town centre experience had a say in where our money was directed because there are more important services needed in the town centre that money can be spent on ... like catching dirty dog owners and the litter droppers and emptying public bins, for starters.