Iconic Whitby fish and chip restaurant backs Seafood Week

Blessing the Trawler 'Our Lass' in Whitby .Second time lucky.Picture Richard Ponter 132761g
Blessing the Trawler 'Our Lass' in Whitby .Second time lucky.Picture Richard Ponter 132761g

Iconic Whitby fish and chip restaurant The Magpie Cafe is backing Seafood Week, which it says is a great opportunity to support local fishermen.

The campaign, launched by Seafish, celebrated the fish and seafood on offer in the UK, creating the perfect platform to encourage more people to eat fish more often.

Those sentiments are backed by Paul Gildroy, head chef at The Magpie Cafe on Pier Road.

“At The Magpie and The Whitby Catch, we embrace Seafood Week as an opportunity to encourage more people to try delicious and healthy Fresh Fish and Seafood,” he said, “even though here at the Magpie every week is Seafood Week.

“We help to support local fishermen and buying from the local fish markets the wonderful all year round fish such as halibut, turbot, Dover sole, skate and brill and seasonal fish like wild salmon, sea trout and sea bass, plus the excellent crabs and lobster for which Whitby is so well known.

“Of course, Whitby is the unofficial capital of fish and chips, it is without doubt of major importance to the local economy.

“For us it’s all about fresh fish; in recent years, the use of frozen fish caught by foreign boats in fish shops has taken precedence over fresh.

“At the Magpie, we are bucking the trend.

“Sadly, not much cod and haddock is landed on the local markets but fortunately we can still get it direct from locally-owned and crewed boats such as Our Lass III.”

Whether it’s promoting seafood in the home, at a café, restaurant, fish and chip shop, or at an event, the Seafood Week campaign – which runs from October 7 to 14 – aims to provide all sectors of the industry with the opportunity to get involved.

Last year’s Seafood Week generated an estimated benefit of around £18m for the seafood industry – and Seafish says this year’s event promises to be even bigger.

The eight-day celebration is free to join and by signing up, businesses can reap the benefits of Seafood Week while also advertising their products or services through Seafish’s interactive map on the Seafood Week website.

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