ICL Boulby hits new production record at mine

ICL Boulby, which recently marked its first year since completing the transition to becoming the world’s first and only polyhalite mine, is continuing to set new records.

Sunday, 11th August 2019, 10:59 am
Mining polyhalite at the ICL site.

General manager and vice president Andrew Fulton announced that it has achieved its best-ever weekly hoist record of 18,449 tonnes as it heads towards its production target of 700,000 tonnes by the end of the year.

Mr Fulton said: “It is particularly good news that we have been able to deliver our best ever weekly output in the same week we have been visited by the chairman of our parent ICL company, Yoav Doppelt, to see for himself what we have been able to achieve in the past year and to discuss our long term plans.

“Backing from ICL has been vital in the continuing programme of investment in meeting the challenge of mining an entirely new mineral and in developing the markets which mean that Boulby polyhalite – marketed as Polysulphate – is now meeting the needs of farmers and growers across five continents.”

Polysulphate contains four vital plant nutrients –sulphur, potassium, magnesium and calcium – and has a far lower carbon footprint than many other fertilisers.