'Humorous' posters depict life in Scarborough and Whitby

The posters
The posters

An artist has said his posters depicting seaside towns as "grotty" are just a bit of fun.

Jack Hurley has garnered a lot of attention online for his posters, which show a grey Scarborough with a stag party running through it, with a man urinating in the street and the police in attendance. It says "We're Sorry" under the picture.

The image of Whitby shows it as 'Satan's minibreak'.

He told The MailOnline: "There's a lot of affection in these posters - it's just a very British form of affection.

"We all know that there's something supremely grotty about an out-of-season day trip to a town that has seen better days in horizontal rain, but there's also a strange pride in it as well.

"I'm always genuinely shocked how well they are received though - every time a local paper runs a piece on them, in which someone has to be outraged, they usually run a Facebook poll. The result is usually 80/20 funny vs the worst thing ever so I must be doing something right."

The posters can be bought from Etsy.com and cost £15, plus shipping.