How should police spend 2016 budget?

The North Yorkshire Police chief is asking residents to tell her how much should be spent on policing in 2016.

Julia Mulligan has launched a survey asking for feedback and also views on whether the policing precept should be raised.

At present, 55% of North Yorkshire Police’s funding comes from the Government. But the remaining 45 per cent is raised through council tax - which is what she is seeking views on.

There are three options being put forward

•Freeze the precept. Meaning no more to pay locally, but harder for the police to deliver services and balance the books.

•Increase the precept by 1.99 per cent in order to raise just over £1.2 million for next year and subsequent years, but avoid a costly local referendum. This will cost the average household an 8p extra a week.

•Put the precept up by more than 1.99 per cent which could raise more money, but will mean at least £700,000 spent on a referendum on the proposals.

She said: “North Yorkshire is the safest place in England and our police do a good job. But like everywhere, we have our challenges.

“Whilst I very much welcome the Government’s recent decision to save policing generally from future budget cuts, as spending on national priorities increases there is now less money available for local policing.

“The government has included a precept rise in all their calculations, which means freezing the precept would make it harder to deliver policing services and balance the books.”

Find the survey at and complete before January 12.