How much? It’s only a footbridge!

So £4.8 million to repair the piers ... but that still won’t cover the cost of a footbridge to the East Side extension, eh?

How much does a footbridge cost these days! Where were they planning on buying it from, Harrods? I know the main piers are there to defend the town against the elements but they also act as a great tourist attraction, and at the moment the East Side Pier extension ruin looks derelict, forgotten and sad. Why are the powers that be so afraid of investing in Whitby and letting it look great?

I take it that this huge amount of money will have little impact on the lighthouse either – which could be open and taking money; instead it just stands there getting old.

On the plus side, it will be another ruin to add to our tourist attraction list in a couple more years – only Rome could advertise more ancient ruins.

From what I’ve read, and minus the complex engineering terms and expensive sounding words, the piers need grouting! For £4.8 million I will go down the piers and do it myself, pretty sure grout is on offer at the moment. Plus I’ll throw up a footbridge on the East Side (if only I hadn’t promised all that fence wood to the Bonfire Night Committee).

Is it really that complicated to organise a footbridge? It’s not like they haven’t had years to sort it out. It’s funny how big chains can wander into town and throw up supermarkets and bars in no time, yet a wooden bridge seems to flummox everyone. Maybe it’s because they forgot to include a parking zone for any trolls that wish to live beneath a new bridge.

I always think it’s funny that the council announces how much money they have and then put the work out to tender - a bit like walking into a car showroom and shouting how much you have and then trying to get a good deal. Hopefully someone lovely will offer to do it and spend a bit of the cash on a pier facelift, if not for the good of the town, at least do it for the trolls.