Hot or cold, fire crew is ready to serve

Members of the Whitby fire crew undertook a rescue exercise on a frozen Castle Howard lake
Members of the Whitby fire crew undertook a rescue exercise on a frozen Castle Howard lake

WHITBY’S fire crews have been busy recently, taking part in a series of exercises that showed the wide variety of challenges they face each winter.

In addition to extinguishing a fire and explosion at a Whitby fuel depot, the crews also took part in a rescue at a frozen Castle Howard lake.

Last Tuesday three engines from Whitby, Scarborough and Malton, headed up by Whitby station manager Mark Naylor, undertook an exercise at Eves Fuel Depot on Chomley Way.

The incident involved a fire and explosion in a large kerosine fuel bullet and after the blaze was extinguished it also involved a search of the site conducted by firefighters and Eves staff.

Whitby watch manager Chris Watson said: “The aim of the exercise was to test arrangements for dealing with a serious fire at Eves Fuel Depot, located at Chomley Way, and to ensure arrangements for securing water supplies are robust and sufficient.

“North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service routinely carry out exercises at key risk sites to prepare staff for worst case scenarios.

“This exercise was organised in conjunction with a number of key agencies including GB Oils, the Casualties Union and the Environment Agency.

“North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service would like to thank the staff at Eves Fuel Depot for their assistance and cooperation with the planning of this useful and worthwhile exercise.”

The following day, members of Whitby’s fire crew were involved in an exercise at Castle Howard, where they were able to practise rescue techniques on a frozen lake.

Mark Naylor, Whitby station manager, said: “Members of the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service - Water Rescue crews, who are located in Whitby and Malton, took the opportunity to develop their rescue skills during this period of harsh winter conditions.

“Crews practised techniques to rescue a person who may be stranded on ice or fallen through thin ice into the water.

“North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service respond to many water-related incidents throughout the year and would like to remind people, at this time of year, to never walk out on to frozen water, for any reason - it may appear thick and safe but it is a totally unpredictable and dangerous environment.

“The temperature of the water is so low that person would have only seconds before becoming incapacitated.”