Hospital kitchen cleanup

Chefs at Whitby Hospital Sarah Winspear and Helen Akeroyd ''w111115   Picture: Ceri Oakes
Chefs at Whitby Hospital Sarah Winspear and Helen Akeroyd ''w111115 Picture: Ceri Oakes

WHITBY Hospital has cleaned up its act after a critical report highlighted problems with hygiene standards in the trust’s kitchen facilities.

The inspection took place last year with a number of instructions given to get the kitchen, which provides food for patients, staff and visitors, back into top condition.

The report, obtained by the Whitby Gazette following a Freedom of Information request, stated that a number of areas of the kitchen required deep cleaning, fly screens needed replacing, and chefs needed to receive a higher standard of hygiene training.

Hotel services manager Sue Marsay said: “They were minor things, there’s nothing like rats in the pantry.

“It’s a kitchen working 24/7 so they will always find something every time they come.

“Noone is ever going to be perfect and it’s their duty to see you are complying with things.”

A deadline was given for Whitby Hospital to resolve the issues, and when the Gazette contacted the NHS North Yorkshire and York Trust we were told that it had achieved these goals.

Maggie Stevens, clinical lead matron at Whitby Hospital, said: “The report was a result of an annual inspection.

“The fly screens were already ordered and they just hadn’t been delivered.”

To comply with the recommendations the head chefs at the hospital were required to undertake a food hygiene course.

Mrs Stevens added: “The chefs are all local people and are qualified chefs and sometimes it’s a case of getting the right calibre staff and finding a course that’s running.

“The level 3 is a three day course in Scarborough and then it’s an exam and an assessment at the end.

“Four chefs have already done it and another is doing it next week, and a refresher course is done half-yearly.”

The main areas of the kitchen that required detailed cleaning were the grill of a coldstore, two ovens, and extractor fan system filters.

A manual detailing correct health and safety practices was also required to be replaced but this has been delayed due to Whitby Hospital joining York Hospital Foundation Trust.