Hospital crutch amnesty appeal

Crutch Amnesty
Crutch Amnesty

PEOPLE in the Whitby area who are holding on to crutches they no longer need are being urged to return them.

Scarborough Hospital’s accident and emergency department is crying out for crutches and has launched a crutch amnesty in a bid to get people to bring back unused items.

Unreturned equipment can cost the NHS thousands of pounds a year.

Crutches are often only used for a short period of time; however they are designed to be used over and over again.

Many patients simply forget to return them to the hospital, once they are no longer needed and instead store them in garages, cupboards or sheds. Sister Kate Harrison, Sister on A&E, said: “Although people are supposed to return their crutches once they have finished using them, recently we have noticed that our supply of crutches has gradually become more and more depleted.

“The idea of a crutch amnesty is to encourage people to have a good look around their homes, including the attic and the garage, to return unused crutches to the hospital, so that they can be cleaned and reused by patients who require them.

“It is understandable that returning crutches is the last thing on anyone’s mind once they are back on their feet again. We don’t want people to feel embarrassed when they return their crutches, we are just very grateful that they have been returned.”

Crutches should be returned to the A&E reception.