Hope Whitby gets wheels in motion on community bus

The Bus Stop - Hope Whitby's new venture.
The Bus Stop - Hope Whitby's new venture.

On Sunday and Monday, people may be greeted by the sight of a huge double decker bus around town called the Bus Stop.

This once unused bus has been transformed by Hope Whitby into a moving community centre and is now kitted out with a cafe and spaces to chill out in.

It’s used to teach school RE, for youngsters to relax and play in the games station and as a community cafe for all ages to enjoy. The bus will be around Whitby and housing estates on Sunday evening –feel free to pop in and have a coffee with the team.

On Monday, it will start its day in Fylingthorpe with a parents’ cafe from 9am to 9.30am and then welcome Fylingdales, Hawsker and East Whitby school children before heading to the East Side Community Centre from 4pm to 6pm and finishing off back in Fylingthorpe for Thorpe Youth’ from 7pm to 8.30pm.

The Hope Hub takes place tonight at 7.30pm at Sanders Yard Bistro, Whitby.