Hope Whitby activity returns with a splash

Pastor Leigh Coates of Hope Whitby
Pastor Leigh Coates of Hope Whitby

Hope Whitby activities are back again next weekend after the summer break with a bang – or should that be a splash!

September will see the team putting on church in three different and vibrant ways.

Next Friday (Sep 1) will see the community gather at Costa for the once-a-month #Gathering service at 7:30pm.

A week on Saturday, Hope Whitby will venture to Ravenscar to start the new Community RS, at Bent Rigg Farm. There will be live music, a barbecue and pastor Leigh Coates will be giving his testimony. The evening will start at 5pm.

Sunday 3 will be the showpiece of the weekend as, for the second year running, Hope Whitby will take over the Falling Foss Tea Gardens for Hope Rocks Falling Foss.

This will be an outdoor service with two baptisms in the river. It will start at 4pm and is free. Leigh said: “This is an amazing way to kick off our new year. We were privileged enough to finish in July with a believers baptism in the sea and now we’re starting back with more.

“It’s great to see people coming to faith and finding a community that they can live among and be welcomed into, whatever their background. It’s our 20th missional community and the way things are growing is mind-blowing.

“It certainly keeps [my wife] Bec and I busy.”

Visit www.hopewhitby.co.uk to find out more.