Hook, line and sinker for labrador Holly

Sandy Hogg with Holly the dog who was caught in fish hooks on the beach''w120513
Sandy Hogg with Holly the dog who was caught in fish hooks on the beach''w120513

A PET owner has issued a warning to other dogs lovers after her black Labrador got five fishing hooks stuck in her mouth and body during a walk by the beach.

Five year-old Holly had to be sedated while she had emergency vet treatment to remove the hooks and the attached fishing wire.

Sandy Hogg was walking Holly and her beloved companion, one year old golden Labrador Bella, on Monday morning and was making her way to the top of the zig zag paths when the drama happened.

She said: “She cried really loudly, turned her body up to me and had fishing line and at least five in her.

“It happened in seconds, goodness knows how and thank god it wasn’t the little one because they are joined at the hip.

“She walked a little bit but was in a lot of pain. I got her a little but up the hill and then she froze and wouldn’t go any further.”

Sandy, of Eskdaleside at Sleights, struggled to get Holly to the top of the West Cliff where her car was parked.

She asked passers by to see if they had a pen knife to cut the wire but to no avail and in the end called on friend Jackie Hilton who runs Super Furry Animals.

Jackie managed to cut some wire out, take hold of Bella and drove Sandy’s car to the vet while she cradled the injured dog.

Sue Beck at Becks vets used specialist cutters to remove the wires and hooks and gave Holly a strong antibiotic to ward off any injection.

Holly is now on the mend and Sandy is asking anglers to take more care with their fishing gear and for owners to keep an eye on their dogs.

She added: “She was in a lot of pain and unsettled but yesterday she started coming round and the antibiotics kicked in.

“I was a bit shaken and don’t remember much about being in the vet. I have walked up and down that area for years, you just don’t think about it.

“Accidents happen but this just made me think ‘crikey’. I don’t think anybody did it deliberately for a minute but it is just a case of tidying up.”

Sue Beck added: “We have had things in the past where people are fishing and dogs will eat the end of the bait and it is still attached to the fishing line but it is a warning to people there can be things on the beach.”