Historic beacon to be lit up

ONE of the most historic sites on the North York Moors will be lit up to celebrate Trafalgar Day.

Danby Beacon is sited on land belonging to the Dawnay Estate whose owner is Lord Downe.

A plaque on a nearby plinth erected by Danby Group Parish Council to mark the Millennium which was badly vandalised earlier this year has been repaired and will be back in place in time for the lighting of the beacon on Saturday at 6pm.

Danby Group parish councillor Rita Rudsdale who organised the repair of the plaque, said: “The parish council is grateful to Steve Grabowski who repaired the plaque, Albert Elliot who did the lettering on behalf of the North York Moors Association and Philip Stonehouse who refitted it.

“None of them charged for their work and the council would like to thank them all.”

A beacon is believed to have been on the site possibly since Roman times and there is certainly evidence that there was one there during the Napoleonic wars to warn of an invasion.

During World War Two it was the site of one of the first radar stations in the country and there was a large complex of buildings to house the men who operated it but Lord Downe insisted it all had to be demolished after the war and now no trace of it remains.