High flyer takes extreme ironing charity challenge

A FYLINGDALES police constable raised funds for charity by ironing a regimental flag while hovering in a helicopter above snowbound Blakey Ridge.

Constable Paul Corcoran, known as Coco, tried his hand at extreme ironing after completing a coast-to-coast walk in extremes of weather, from energy-sapping heat to deep snow.

RAF Fylingdales’ flight lieutenant Richard Weeks said: “His extreme ironing involved a rendezvous on Blakey Ridge at the Lion Inn with a search and rescue helicopter from 202 Squadron Leconfield. Coco climbed aboard the chopper and with the door open and the ironing board firmly strapped down he ironed the flag of the Rifles Regiment while hovering 150 feet up in the air to the delight of everyone who came out of the pub to watch.”

Despite the gruelling walk, he found enough strength to jog the final two miles through Fylingthorpe village and into Robin Hood’s Bay, cheered on by tourists and local residents.

Having reached his goal, Coco dipped his boot-clad feet into the North Sea and threw a stone he carried all the way from the west coast into the sea. Then he celebrated his achievement with a pint at Wainwright’s pub and signed the Coast to Coast book.

Coco’s efforts resulted in raising more than £4,000 for the charity Care for Casualties and he expects more to come in from his Just Giving website.

The charity supports The Rifles, a regiment with strong northern links and, although only recently formed, it has been involved in operations since its inception in 2007. The regiment has suffered many casualties during this period, including 61 fatalities and the charity provides support for both injured and bereaved people.