Helredale Road verges ‘need new surface for cars’

Grass verges to the side of Whitby’s busy Helredale Road should have plastic mesh installed over them to stop cars churning them up, say Whitby Town Councillors.

The issue had been brought to the attention of Cllr Phil Trumper by a number of residents in that area. He told the full council meeting that bollards had been put up years ago to prevent off-road parking but they had gone missing.

Cllr Trumper said cars were parking on the verges again and cutting the grass up quite badly.

He proposed writing to North Yorkshire County Council to see if the authority could place some sort of plastic mesh to make it easier for people to park there.

Cllr John Freeman was concerned about the state of the grass area with a visit from the Whitby in Bloom judges approaching.

“It’s the right way to try to get the county council to rationalise the situation – they may spend an amount of money putting a grid down to make the area stable.

“We’ve got Whitby in Bloom coming up and anyone going past the area will think it just looks a mess,” he said.

Cllr Rebecca Pearson said there was no chance of laying an asphalt surface due to gas mains in the area. Cllr Heather Coughlan said the car parking situation was “not on” for anyone who is visually impaired.

The council decided to write to the county council asking them to grid the grass verges along Helredale Road and replace the bollards to protect the integrity of the footpath.