Hefty fine after safety ‘disregard’ at B&B

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The owner of a bistro style B&B in Staithes has been fined more than £3,000 for food hygiene and electrical safety offences.

Scarborough Borough Council brought legal proceedings against Robert Sim, the owner of Cleveland Corner at the bottom of the village.

He pleaded guilty to a number of offences under the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. He was fined a total of £3,050 including criminal court charges, a victim surcharge and costs.

Offences included failure to:

• Ensure that the premises was kept clean.

• Ensure that all articles, fittings and equipment that food comes into contact with were kept clean.

• Implement a food safety management system.

• Ensure that in rooms where food is prepared, treated or processed, the wall surfaces were well maintained and were easy to clean and disinfect.

• Ensure that in rooms where food is prepared, treated or processed, the ceiling was constructed and finished in a way that prevents the accumulation of dirt and reduces condensation, the growth of mould and surface shredding.

• Maintain an electrical system to prevent danger.

The court action was launched following a routine council inspection earlier this year. A council spokesperson said they found the kitchen in a state of disrepair, badly organised and the standard of cleanliness unacceptable for a commercial kitchen.

In addition the electrical installation was in disrepair with a number of open, unprotected connections and sockets.

Follow-up investigations by the council have found that Mr Sim has made “significant improvements”.

Trevor Watson, from the council said: “It is worrying to see that a business, which is part of the important visitor economy in Staithes, failed to meet mandatory legislation and showed such disregard for the safety of its customers and staff. While we acknowledge that the business owner has started to make improvements, it should not have taken court action for him to do so.

“The seriousness of the offences was reflected in the judge’s sentence and should act as a warning to any other business owner failing to comply with such essential requirements.”