Heather’s third parachute jump for St Catherines

Heather Hird at Whitby Leisure Centre
Heather Hird at Whitby Leisure Centre

Heather Hird is feeling the fear and just doing it, for the third time. On Sunday she will be doing a parachute jump for St Catherine’s Hospice.

She said: “I work as a nurse on the inpatients unit. This will be my third jump and it is truly terrifying, but we need to raise money for all the care we provide for palliative patients. I’m getting butterflies just thinking about it. My first jump was the worst. I was grey apparently. The second was an improvement, so I’m expecting the third to be amazing.

“I love my job,it can be hard , but it is also very rewarding. You meet some amazing peole there.

Heather has a ‘Just Giving’ account online for sponsorship.