Whitby Mayor’s son discharges himself following nightmare stay

Rob Freeman who had a kidney stone ''w112421'Picture: Ceri Oakes
Rob Freeman who had a kidney stone ''w112421'Picture: Ceri Oakes
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THE SON of Whitby’s mayor has criticised Scarborough Hospital after being so concerned by the level of care patients received that he discharged himself and then went to Middlesbrough’s James Cook Hospital instead.

Rob Freeman, who runs the Freeman Gallery in Whitby with his father John, was admitted to Scarborough Hospital after suffering abdominal pains so severe they left him “unable to function”.

Mr Freeman said that when he first arrived, the Accident and Emergency ward were excellent, but when he was taken to a in-patient ward the standard of care fell drastically.

He said: “It didn’t seem like anybody knew what they were doing.

“The orderlies were arguing loudly on the ward and my wife saw the ward sister sat on the floor surrounded by charts, which isn’t hygienic.

“Don’t they have desks for that sort of thing?

“There wasn’t anyone paying attention to the needs of the patient and the left hand didn’t seem to know what the right hand was doing.

“I just really wanted to get out of there.”

Mr Freeman discharged himself the following day, after a night’s sleep interrupted by a nurse waking him in the middle of the night to sign an admissions form.

When the acute pain returned a few days later, he chose to take the longer journey to James Cook Hospital, where he was diagnosed as suffering from kidney stones.

“It was like night and day”, he added,

“There’s no comparison.

“James Cook did a CT scan immediately and pinpointed what it was and immediately got me in for surgery.

“But you shouldn’t have to think ‘I have to get myself to Teesside because I’m not happy about what might happen at my local hospital’.

“It’s not fair on James Cook, they shouldn’t have to carry the load of Scarborough patients that are not happy going to their local hospital.”

Mike Proctor, chief executive at Scarborough Hospital, said: “We are disappointed to hear of any occasion where it is felt that the care received fell below the standard we would expect.

“These concerns are being investigated through our complaints procedure and a report on the findings will be made available to the family.”